What Legislation Pertains to SHACs?

School Health Advisory Councils were established in 1995 as Local School Health Education Advisory Council and Human Sexuality Instruction and were directed to assist the districts in ensuring the local community values were reflected in the district’s health education instruction. Over time this was revised and in 2001 the responsibilities and the composition of SHACs was modified by Senate bill 19 to require more parent engagement and have members appointed by the school board.

The role of SHACs has continued to evolve over the past 25+ years. You will find links to the different laws included here as well as a link to the Texas Education Agency Code which is the interpretation of those laws that school districts are mandated to follow.

Resources for SHAC Laws

A SB 9 (87th Texas Legislature, Second-Called Session, 2021) FAQ document has been posted to the Health Education webpage of TX Education Agency. To view the FAQ document, CLICK HERE.

School Health Data
When you are talking about school health it is important to have data to support your concerns. There are several places you can go to find information and statistics relating to school health.
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